//Shepard got his namesake after his mother died during child birth, his father thought he’d need repentance for what he’d done. His last name meaning repentance, and his first in hopes that he’d become, the kind of man to lead a flock.

//Growing up his father resented him greatly, and abused him constantly, in more ways then one. Often because he drank until his breaking point. He grew up in a big city, with more than enough ‘bad street kids’ so the people around and at school chalked it up to him getting into fights.

// He became a chain smoker as a release, and pops pills from time to time. But he’s more than well at hiding the latter.

//He majors in psychology, and has studied hard so he could get out of his house and go to college to become a psychologist. Though he’s got about every kind of problem in the book, it’s only helped him figure out others better.

//He’s obsessive compulsive, and often talks in a manner of riddles or poetry of the tongue. Shepard is shy and introverted in group settings, though most of the time is fine one on one, since he has to be for his major.

//Shepard always has a book in hand, and quotes things from his books often.

//If he isn’t smoking a cigarette, he’s sucking on a lollipop.

//The young man is of Irish decent, and has a slight accent.

//He’s terrified of sexual touches, because of the things his father did to him when he was drunk.

//Shepard keeps to himself a lot, except when need be, like for class or psychology work.

//Wears long sleeved shirts and jackets because his body has scars all over him from his childhood abuse.

//Every time his father did something to him, he’d always bring him home a book the next day, as if saying sorry because he know the boy liked books.

//He loves coffee, sweets, books & flowers.

//Has a surprisingly childlike innocence about him when he talks.

sweet theme, bro.