I love when I go to take a nap for two hours and my alarm doesn’t go off, so I sleep almost all day, and have to work overtime today to reply and start starters.

I should subsatute sleep for roleplaying. I’m pretty sure I can function off of that. Anyway I’ll have all my replies and starters up by the end of the day.

I might be slow throughout the day because I have to go to bed early for me anyway, and I have a friend over. but everything should be up before I go to bed.

I get off early tommrow too, so I’ll be on all night tomorrow, if I don’t fall asleep again. /reasons why courtney hates the holidays sometimes, cuts into her roleplaying.

December 15, 2011     8 notes


Posted up starters for Luci, Bal and Adam. Will finish up the rest tomorrow along with all the replies I owe. Goodnight guys, text me tomorrow if you want I’ll be in the liquor store all day so I can slack off.

December 14, 2011
sweet theme, bro.