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December 14, 2011

underage shots, all the cool kids are doing it. [Balthazar & Shepard]

Alcohol and sex, that’s what this place smelled like, so why was he here again? The same reason he always came to places like these, when his normally mousy exterior told him not to, to get drunk. There were those moments were you knew something wasn’t a good idea but you did it anyway, because you swore to yourself that it was for the best, and it didn’t really hurt anybody, of course it always did and it always hurt you. Coming back to bite you in the ass, much like a dog you forgot to feed. Except what you forgot to feed was common sense.

Right now Shepard for a change was not feeding his common sense and was feeding his inner child who came up with stupid ideas like this. Like buy the fake id he now had in his hands, and flashing it to the bouncer at the door, who was more than happy to let such a good looking if only shy and introverted guy into the club, for all the men and women to swoon over. That was how clubs got there money after all. All the lovely ladies and lads buying drinks for one another in a frenzy to get laid.
Shepard didn’t want to get laid however or even touched for that matter he just wanted to get drunk. So there he was drowning himself in a glass of jack and coke, because simple things seemed to work the best, and gave the best kick. Taking the offered drinks but not the offered numbers. Only making his few and far between admirers want him more. But he wasn’t little miss cheerleader, and he wasn’t about to give some ‘thinks he’s gonna get lucky stud’ a blow job in the back. He wasn’t even sure if he even liked men that way or women for that matter, he’d never had a say in the matter all his life, and wasn’t sure if he was even close to ready to find out.

Tonight he figured would come back on him though, because at the rate he was going he was going to end up like a sloshed little schoolboy, looking for the closest level of comfort he could find. Oh underage drinking, of course all the cool kids were doing it and tonight he was one.

December 14, 2011
sweet theme, bro.